Are You Ready To Implement The Triple A Method Into Your Business And Scale To £100k, £250k Or More This Year?

If you're a coach, trainer or professional service provider and are looking to generate more and higher value clients without the hustle... 

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If you're a coach or trainer and looking to leverage your expertise, create an insatiable demand for you and your programmes and attract a steady stream of high value clients without the hustle... 

Then fill out the application form now to book a clarity call where we'll map out a blueprint to accelerate your business over the next 12 months.

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Chris Poulter

The SA Podcast

"You're gonna love this...

One organic post + £58.61 of ad spend = £9000 of sales!"

Phil Elder

The IPI Group

"I designed the programme on a white board with Rob on the 9th May part of the Authority Accelerator programme , posted in Facebook this Monday having procrastinated a little whilst finding my niche, first Sale over the line today at £5,000.

So in total 16 days process from design to sale of a high ticket programme! If I had not faffed and procrastinated as long could have significantly reduced this further!
Bloody chuffed and massive thanks Rob!!"

David Diack

SA Outsourcing

"I just wanted to share with you that today i’ve officially hit my first milestone… 

I have my investment back from signing up to AA with a little bit on top . We’ve still got 5 spaces left on the program which i’m confident we will fill by the end of the week so should have doubled up financially on the first programme. 

Not only is the finance element going to both mine and my families life, but the programme we’ve designed is going to change the lives of all those we work with in a very positive way.!"

"Just had £1997 drop into dealmakersblueprint Account!

It appears that this s*#t works...

Dixie Walker

The Dealmakers Blueprint

Brett Plant

The Conscious Entrepreneur

I'd take a moment to share my wins. 

I've currently got all 6 people on my beta-group AND now people on a waiting list. This is all without a single paid AD and NO database. T

his translates to £3000 pcm which is way too cheap but as my training is high ticket, we can live with it for the success stories and testimonials needed. 

The one off course with another training company has sold out. Exciting times.

"Fee is now £6495 as of the 21st May. 

Closed our 6th sale of the month today so things are defo headed in the right direction!

Not all of them are at the new rate but we're making progress...

Akash Desai

Lifestyle Property People

John Paul

Agency Consulting

"Hey lads, just thoughts id update you - 

Officially sold 14 from the webinar so thats 41k, got a private client form it at 8k and sold a RTO product so its officially a 50k webinar - 

Albeit I get drop fed payments over 6 months to a year (for the coaching client) Ive had worse 2 hour sessions haha thanks chaps appreciate the help"

Mark Whitby

Breakthrough Coaching

Hi Rob, I have "pre-sold" two strong candidates for the Beta program at £2K. 

Should close at least one of them, maybe both.  That's with no course name, no marketing materials, no start date, no outline, nothing.  

Now that I've sold it, I'm going to have to scramble to put a group together and start delivering in the next 2 weeks!

John Man

Property Entrepreneur

"I thought I would give a quick update.  

Just over the new year I managed to organise a few seminars in Hong Kong telling investors what a fantastic opportunity it is to invest in UK because of Brexit.  

It was my first ever talk like but manage to pull it over and attracted well over 100 property investors!

Jason Living

Argyle Square Property Group

Rob Stewart what have you created!!  I

 now have 50 people on my 'Priority List' waiting for me to open up more consultation slots!!!  

This could fill my course for the next 12 months!