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Want the Simple Way to Jump to Six Figures in the Next 12 Months?

With the Authority Accelerator from Rob Stewart you can focus on delivering the service you love – whilst building a system that gives you a predictable and maintainable stream of premium paying clients.


If you've already started your expert coaching business, then you have already made the most difficult step. Find out how you can put your foot down on the pedal with the Authority Accelerator program and start boosting your income up higher levels than you ever saw in employment.

 Ask yourself if you’re ready to start earning £8K to £10K per month even on a bad month – and even more on a good month, whilst getting back you time, space and freedom?


"In the last 6 months we've brought in an extra £50k of sales"

"It's been fantastic to go from a position of living out of motorway service stations to having an online Mastermind Programme"

"We had to hire a salesman to deal with all of the extra leads!"

"We had to turn the funnel off at one point as we couldn't handle the amount of leads, and we're now exceeding our monthly targets"

What would it be like if you could get the exact message, to your ideal profile client who is ready to buy right now?

By becoming the most trusted authority in your own space – you’ll effortlessly attract an abundance of leads and new business enquiries ready to buy.

What if you found the secret formula for putting out content in the right places at the right time to really ignite your audience’s imagination?

Allowing you to demonstrate value, success and above all industry understanding to your potential customer base on a grand scale, where each one felt a personal connection with you as a coach.

So all you have to do is simply book a phone consultation, check that you’re a great match for each other and agree a start date.

What if you had a system that allowed you to repeat these results time and time again?

Allowing you to focus on helping your clients achieve their objectives, so you get to see them change and transform under your guidance – the reason why you became a coach in the first place…

And the simplest way to become that leading voice in your field is through the Authority Accelerator Programme.

Step 1 - Watch This Short Video 


"I brought on my first £5000 client within 16 days from scratch!"

"All from a couple of Facebook posts, nothing flash or fancy, and without having to drive around networking events selling my soul to the devil!"

I built the Authority Accelerator for experts and coaches like you. Over the 90 days we implement my Triple A Method that plays to your strengths and utilises your existing skill and knowledge to attract the clients that are right for you.

 You get to work with me, Rob Stewart, expert coach with a cast iron track record of helping entrepreneur coaches write the next page in their success stories.

 I give you all the direction and help that’s made me a regular high 6 figure income – proven marketing and sales strategies for even the most compact sectors and spaces.

Step 1 - Watch This Short Video 

Your 90 Day Business Growth Accelerator – Attract the clients you need at the value you want to continually ramp up your income and reach that 6 figure level.

What Is The Authority Accelerator?

"I Don’t Need Another Course Or Info Product"

 You have probably had your fill of mastermind groups and pay-by-mail subscription courses that have promised so much but delivered so little. And you’re already running a successful business – so most of this content is pitched way too low for you.

Tired of meaningless trainers who don’t have a real and practical commercial focus, that’s committed to getting you an end result?

With the Authority Accelerator you get everything you need to make the Triple A Method work for you to generate an abundance of premium priced clients. First of all, I’m committed to client success, so if I don’t think a fantastic outcome is possible, then I’ll be straight up with you and we won’t work together.

Get advanced content, mentorship and some serious accountability from this system. Share expertise in my Slack group where you’ll be put in touch with other experts in the same position as you, giving you a live resource where you can share your victories and get feedback on your challenges.

Transform your business over 90 days. Gain the understanding you need to grow with 1-2-1 mentoring that can address your specific needs and challenges, helping you customise my method to deliver your ultimate end result.

Awaken your existing mastery to harness the power of the Triple A Method. You already have the tools in your hands. Previously you have struggled to understand where your effort is spent best. Truth is there are too many choices…

Knowing what to do in your space can be frustrating. That’s where our guidance helps you find the easy wins. 

Should you blog? Put posts on YouTube? Pay for AdWords or sign up for breakfast networking? With the Triple A Method all the doubt vanishes from the game leaving you with a sure-fire system of marketing.

And when we break it down – it seems simple:

What Is The Triple A Method?

Step One: Awareness

Demonstrate that you understand your potential clients’ problems and you’ll start to win rapport and credibility. Your target market is suffering right now from issues that they cannot solve.

 Time and time again the reason why your potential clients cannot find a solution is because they do not truly understand the problem.

 This is where you enter the picture. Build trust with your audience by showing them you understand their real issues. Show them solutions are possible and they’ll want you to be the person who helps them achieve change.


Step Two: Authority

 Once you have established the first rapport with your audience it’s vital to convey that you are the master of your art. Go beyond creating a simple perception of success to proving that you have the skills to help, support and transform the lives of your clients. 




Demonstrate your knowledge. Associate your offering with similar content in the expert space and educate your audience on your methods, understanding and insight. 

Learn how to deliver selfless value, creating effortless excellence in the mind of your clients, which ultimately establishes you as the go-to authority in your field and the first person to trust when your potential clients decide to make that break into a higher cycle of life. 

Step Three: Automation

 Forget the latest marketing funnel ethos, scarcity closes or online pressure tactics. Connect with the best potential clients for you at their point of need with my proven automation strategies.

 Be ready to meet your audience when they decide to push the button. With the right levels of presence, you don’t need to manipulate or push on your potential clients to turn them into customers.

 With awareness of their problems and authority in your space, you simply set up the contact systems and updates and your potential clients will book themselves in for your consultation close calls.

Why It Works

By leveraging all awareness, authority and automation you hit all the necessary points to win over your client.

Authority and Awareness without Automation – means that you will always be running after new clients, making it impossible to free up your time to accelerate to 6 figure incomes.

Awareness and Automation without Authority – leaves your market unaware of why they should trust you and without any demonstration of your knowledge and skill.

Authority and Automation without Awareness - equals no visibility in front of your potential market. Potential clients will not know who you are when they want to purchase.

But get all 3 working in harmony…

And you will Amplify whatever delivery models you’re currently deploying.

Which is why you need to ensure that you are ready to amplify an asset rather than a liability and your models are optimised for scale and profit, rather than being shackled to a commodity service and end up stuck in the time for money trap.

Are You Ready For Results Like These?

What Our Clients Are Achieving With The Triple A Method

I'm a full-time family man helping people build simple coaching businesses that give them the lifestyle freedom, fulfilment, and time to do the things that matter. Back when I was in the RAF (Royal Air Force), the experience taught me how to serve. 

After leaving, I wanted to channel my role of protecting the country into something that could really impact people and now we're here. My goal is to help 100 million people unlock their potential by helping 10,000 impact 10,000 people.

About Rob

Who Is This For?

1.  You are already an Expert in your field, are looking to reach and impact more of your market but are frustrated with your current growth and looking to get off the treadmill and scale.

2.  You are an exceptional entrepreneur and are looking to develop additional, high cash-flowing and profitable income streams whilst giving back.

As this is a 1-2-1 mentoring programme, I can only work with so many clients at once. 

For us to work together you must:

Be truly exceptional at what you do.  It kinda goes without saying that to be an Expert - you need to be great at what you do.  I only work with clients who can genuinely offer transformation to their market. 

Have a vision that transcends purely financial reasons.  Look - we all know profits are important, but in my experience those who go on to truly impact their market have a higher purpose which drives them forward - I want to help you manifest that vision.

You are willing to think BIG and invest in your business.  I'll be totally upfront here - my methods require you to invest in ad spend...  Please take my word that this is perhaps the MOST risk free method of growing your business, but if you're not happy invest into your business then please don't apply.