Help 10,000 expert entrepreneurs change 100 million lives.


Work Anywhere

Create a simple business model that allows you to work from anywhere in the world.


Generate Clients

Scale your business using tools that will automate & guarantee qualified leads every month.


Make An Impact

Feel fulfilled getting your clients the type of results that actually end up changing their life.


About Me

I'm a trainer, investor and full-time family man helping people build leveraged businesses that give them the lifestyle freedom, fulfillment, and time to do the things that matter. Back when I was in the RAF (Royal Air Force), the experience taught me how to serve. After leaving, I wanted to channel my role of protecting the country into something that could really impact people and now we're here. My goal is to help 100 million people unlock their potential by helping 10,000 entrepreneurs impact 10,000 people.

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If you’re a entrepreneur who monetises your knowledge, experience and expertise, here’s how I can help you scale your business for more freedom, control and choice…


The Authority Accelerator™

If you want to rapidly build the models you need to attract more and higher paying clients, get more reach and have more impact in your niche then the Authority Accelerator will transform your business over a 90 day intense experience. To truly charge your true value, rather than an hourly rate, you need to offer transformation as an outcome rather than information as a commodity, position yourself as the only sensible solution provider and setup consistent and predictable attraction and ascension systems. And we’ll work together, 1-2-1, to strategise, build and launch and optimise the machine that will break you out of the hustle loop and give you the foundation to scale your business through 6 figures and beyond.

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For those who are looking to create a predictable and consistent flow of highly qualified leads who are ready to ascend to high value clients… But are not looking to leverage your own time to focus on your own zone of genius… Our L.E.A.D.S service may well be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Rather than hunt the CV market and take a gamble at recruiting the next member of your marketing team, with all of the cost and risk associated with that, let us run your lead generation for you with a simple and low commitment service that fills your diary with highly qualified leads on a weekly basis. So let us run your marketing and implement the Triple A Method for you - for less than the cost of a minimum wage employee.  

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The 100Mil Club

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For more of Rob’s exclusive trainings, strategies and support please join the 100mil Club Facebook Community, exclusively for Expert Entrepreneurs who are looking for more reach and impact in their business. If you feel you have a message to share with the world and a skill that will help others, regardless of niche… If you stand for authenticity, transparency and true service… If you want to be part of a movement which transcends the individual and is changing the world for the better… Then please join the 100Mil Club now and together we can positively change the lives of a nation.

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Do you find yourself constantly worrying about where your leads are coming from next month? If so, let's have a 20-min clarity call to lay out your business, identify what's blocking leads from flowing in, and map out a game plan to take full control of your marketing.

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